Anubhav Anusha

Founder, Global CEO and R&D Head

Anubhav Anusha is the driving force behind a global leader in the healthcare diagnostic and research sector, GeneStore.

At GeneStore, Anubhav leads corporate strategy, planning and overall execution on behalf of the brand. The thrust of his mandate is to enact his vision embedded in both bench-to-bedside translational medicine, and mass-scale distribution of genetic data for personalised medicine and the eradication of infectious diseases.


Subsequent to founding GeneStore in 2011, Anubhav has been instrumental in leading GeneStore’s market disruption in the field of genetic testing by undertaking large-scale population screening to promote preventive healthcare and wellness. Since its inception, GeneStore has screened over 600,000 individuals across 10 countries and now owns and operates clinical testing laboratories, and manufacturing facilities across Europe (Gemenos, France), South Asia (Delhi-NCR, India), Middle - East (Dubai, UAE) and Latin America (Montevideo, Uruguay)


Demonstrating a fine balance of a mature business mindset, tempered by a deep exposure to the biotechnology sector Anubhav draws inspiration from past careers in cancer immunology research, and corporate finance & investment banking for healthcare, pharmaceutical & biotechnology companies.


While working with US based investment banks, Anubhav has helped in Capital Raising and M&A deals upwards of USD 250 million for healthcare, pharmaceutical & biotechnology companies with a collective market capitalisation of over USD 1 billion.

A testament towards his knowledge and passion for the healthcare sector Anubhav holds a B.S. in Biotechnology from The State University of New York at Buffalo and an M.S. in Biotechnology from Georgetown University, Washington D.C., USA, where he graduated Magna Cum Laude.