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What is GeneStore France’s COVID RT PCR Kit all about and what makes it so special?

The GeneStore France Detection Expert detection kit for Covid 19 is a real time PCR test (the gold standard in COVID 19 detection). The kit has a 100% sensitivity in the detection of COVID 19.

What makes the kit so special is that #1 it allows laboratories to generate results in 1 hours time. Furthermore, GeneStore France, in its bid to make testing more affordable, has disrupted the RT PCR testing market by offering the most affordable RT PCR test kit globally at a price point of INR 199 (under 3 euros).

2.How did the idea come about to create such a low-budget kit? I do understand the pandemic situation. But was there any idea beyond that?

It was in early 2019, that GeneStore France decided to establish its mission of supporting the eradication of infectious diseases by enabling affordable diagnostic testing via its model of setting up local manufacturing facilities across emerging and developing economies.

Our Indian manufacturing facility came online in December 2019, and fortunately we were able to put together a highly skilled and experienced R&D and manufacturing that in a period of 6 months was able to scale up production to 2 million test kits a month.

The vision beyond COVID 19 is to expand our focus on locally manufactured diagnostic tests to other critical infectious diseases such as HIV, Hepatitis, TB and many more.

Furthermore, GeneStore is leveraging its know-how into large-scale population genetics and A.I. solutions to ensure that diagnostic data can be leveraged to precisely detect, monitor and treat cases of infectious diseases across emerging and developing markets.

3. Can you tell us about the process of its creation? What makes it trustable?

GeneStore France R&D process for development of infectious disease diagnostics begins with a thorough analysis of the genetic composition of infectious agents. Post genomic analysis, we are able to identify regions in the viral genome that can be confidently detected using our proprietary chemistry (our major objective is to design probes that will detect only the pathogen of interest and will not have specificity for genetic targets for other organisms including Indians.

Post the design phase, we undertake a stringent validation exercise where we run 1000’s of tests on live samples for viruses of a wide variety to ensure that the test is performing as per our stringent performance protocols.

Finally, we share our diagnostic test kits for validation to leading governmental authorities in Europe and India for unbiased performance evaluations.

4. How has the response been like esp. under such tough circumstances?

The response to COVID 19 diagnostic solution provided by GeneStore France has been outstanding. In India, in a period of 30 days, GeneStore France has captured over 50% of the market share with respect to the all COViD 19 testing in the private sector.

This has been made possible as we have demonstrated to our client base (the largest private diagnostic laboratories in India) that it is possible to access European grade quality at a price point that is truly affordable from an Indian perspective.

5. How are you making sure it reaches the concerned people? How can people approach you?

GeneStore France follows a direct sales methodology. Our corporate development actively reaches out to the key stakeholders in the diagnostic industry and demonstrates the tremendous value that can be generated by establishing a partnership with us.

So far our go to marketing strategy is by word of mouth. However, one can reach out to us using our website.

6. Any more things to know with regards to the kit or anything else related to Covid?

The most significant point to note with regards to COVID 19, is that its enhanced transmissibility from a population standpoint is based on its ability to spread in the asymptomatic stage of the infection.

Before an effective vaccine comes to the market, the only way we can control the spread and rise of infections is by always maintaining our guard and focus on a population strategy that covers mandatory screening of medium to high risk asymptomatic cases too.

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