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Mass testing, effective surveillance and contact tracing practices is key to fight CoronaVirus

Updated: Jul 20

Mass testing: India needs further scaling up of RT PCR testing laboratories across all tier 1, 2 and 3 cities. It is further critical to innovate on making RT PCR testing mobile whereby citizens across all economic sectors can get immediate access to testing so as to enable COVID 19 free ecosystems in support of greater consumer engagement.

Surveillance and contract tracing certainly requires innovative upgrades, wherein , India’s own GPS capabilities need to be deployed to effectively track and trace RT PCR positive patients with COVID 19.

The role of government in stage-wise implementation of screening of asymptomatic personnel using RT PCR- the gold standard of testing.

The government plays a critical role in the implementation of asymptomatic personnel. However, we must not expect the government to single-handedly deliver a nationwide solution. The role of the government should be to mandate RT PCR testing across key economic sectors such as aviation, hospitality, and manufacturing sector. Further, financial incentives need to be put in place for private sector to deploy RT PCR testing services at a mass scale.

A para on RT PCR- the gold standard of testing.

Like all living organisms, even the COVID 19 virus has a genetic code. This genetic code is made of a variant of the DNA molecule called RNA.

RT PCR (reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction) is a molecular biology technique that has the ability to detect the smallest quantities of the RNA code of the COVID 19 virus. The technique is the gold standard due to its higher than 99% accuracy in detecting the virus.

Importance of affordability, accuracy & timeliness are the three key factors for successful mass testing modules.

From the standpoint of deployment of testing across multiple sectors of the Indian economy

  1. Accuracy is paramount, as the COVID 19 pandemic demands the detection of asymptomatic carriers of the disease that carry a low viral load.

  2. The pricing of testing needs to be affordable for all economic sections of our society to enable greater uptake across diverse sectors of deployment such as railways, manufacturing and more.

  3. Timeliness of reporting is especially critical as if we seek greater opening of the economy, particular sectors such as aviation and railways will rely on result reporting within 1 to 2 hours.

GeneStore’s Upcoming innovations in the testing sector - (elaborate on GeneStore’s research programs focused on enabling a DIY testing model based on molecular biology techniques.

GeneStores upcoming innovations are focused on enhancing mobility of RT PCR testing across diverse economic sectors, and cutting short processing times to under 1 hour.

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